Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Research Question

What impact does America have on obesity?

I thought of this question because obesity has grown a lot over time. Even though America may be trying to grab a hold of the situation now, people aren't obese because they were born that way; society has had an effect on them in some way. I could start to look for answers by searching for books about obesity, or finding stories about people's actual experiences on how they became obese. I could also use what I know from my own experience. So if I found stories about actual experiences people had, I might find that there are different reasons people are obese and there might not be just one simple explanation. I might have questions that arise from answers I find. For instance, if I find an answer giving me information about a factor that contributes to obesity, would that factor be a contributor to other health problems? I might find, though, that a lot of factors that contribute to obesity are the same for many people and I may not have enough information to fill my ten pages.

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